Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sunday afternoon

So Sunday I was feeling really tired a little warn down we went grocery shopping and came home and unloaded the groceries.  Then I went to the bathroom to put on some comfty PJ pants and of course like every pregnant woman needs to pee 24 hours a day.  When I went to the bathroom I did get a surprise that I didn't want alot of blood enough to fill up a pad.  Which I was very upset about.  I quietly changed my underware placed a pad down and changed my pants and then walked into the livingroom and told Dustin Aunt Wendy just called and wanted him to come over for dinner and he was excited.  Then I walked to the kitchen with Dustin behind me and told John to please drive me to the hospital and he clicked on quickly and we both played it off careful not to let Dustin know anything that was going on.  We met Jerry (sister's hubby) at the corner and he took Dustin for us and off to the ER we went.  I called my perinatologist and OBGYN on the way and they both agreed to go to the ER with my previous experiances of randomly hemmraging with Dustin.  We arrived at the ER and it was very nice they got us back pretty quick and everyone was super sweet and caring.  The doctor was nice and I told him everything I wanted ordered and he did everything I wanted.  They started to take blood and start a IV and then the sono was next the part I dreaded cause either I would be really happy or really sad in the next few minutes.  The sono tech was excellent and really catered to our needs I think the sono lasted about a hour with her just being sweet to us.  She first put the probe on and I saw a big jump and leap and waving all around.  Then she did a heartrate after alot of giggling in the room and it was 147 strong.  There was no bleeding noted around the placenta everything was intact and looked very good, cervix was long and nothing there.  The placenta was up high and baby was very active.  There was one shot that made me think it's really okay mom was the baby gave us a thumbs up!  For anyone who personally knows Dustin he always gives us a thumbs up its our thing.  Then I saw this baby do that and decided it was a sign that we could breath a sigh of relief that was a sign that everything was going to be okay.  Unfortunatley we could not get any copies of the pictures.  The bleeding had slowed alot and I declined a pelvic exam because I only wanted one doctor near my cervix and I wanted that to be a OBGYN.  They offered me to be admitted but I just wanted to go home I would have to be released in the morning to see my perinatologist anyways so might aswell go home and get some good rest.  

So I went home and the next morning got up and went to see my high risk doctor and she did another sono and again healthy baby heartrate 157 and moving alot.  She found no signs of blood inside again and said she would leave it to my OBGYN today to do a pelvic exam and let me know how long bedrest would be later on this week.  Hopefully not to long I really wanted to stay active this pregnancy and I miss my girls at work.  I will blog again later to let everyone know how the OBGYN appt went its at 2:45 pm today =)

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