Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ahhh Saturday

So happy I am off tomorrow and to top that load of happiness off we get another hour of sleep!!  YAY!  How much happier can a preggo get?  LOL  I have worked the past two days and let me tell you they have been interesting to say the least!  Some of the patients we have gotten have had stories you wouldn't believe!  So My feet are up and I am totally going to veg out for the rest of night until I pass out drooling on my pillow!  John is out hunting pigs at a local ranch here so just me for now until around midnight or so.  So pregnancy wise the fatigue has gotten alot better now and I hope it stays that way!  The tummy issues have lightened up too!  My next appt with the perinatologist on the 19th and the next OB appt is on December 2nd.  I hope we can make it to those appts without any complications!  I am just taking it one appt at a time!  Well gonna go get to the drooling part of my night!  NIGHT NIGHT FOLKS!

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