Sunday, November 21, 2010


Had a wonderful Sunday I was put on call and I am glad I was.  Yesterday at work my blood pressure stayed slightly elevated.  I will call the doctor tomorrow and ask to speak with the nurse so that she can chart it.  Today I am sure helped I slept in and then we went out for breakfast healthy of course!  Then John (hubby) took me to go get some maternity cloths which I am so happy about he didn't even tell me before I love surprises!  Then we headed to a movie Harry Potter it was really good!  I am just ready for the second one to come out already!  Then I finally got to eat my fish lunch at luby's I have been craving like crazy!  We looked up the nutrition on it prior and it was a go with a spinach salad to go with it!  Was really yummy I ate until I was totally stuffed!  Then we had to go to the grocery store to pick a few things up for this week and to get 2 large briskets for a pot luck at work on Tuesday!  After that I was totally spent!  Came home and hubby told me to go to sleep!  Well had to follow orders so laid down for a nap while he went and did some side jobs he had waiting all day.  Now just relaxing with Dustin dreading work tomorrow but it will be okay!  I love my job just wish I could take a energy pill!! 

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