Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Seems to describe my mood lately!  So I wait all day and finally at like 2 pm I call my perinatologist office to see if they had a inside view or had spoken with the on call doctor.  Didn't hear anything back by 3pm so I called the OBGYN office to leave another message.  So I contacted another nurse and she informed me that the dr that is covering for my doctor today is his day off!!  AHHHHHH Why did you offer me a appt with him this morning then!!  So apparently no one even knows I need anything cause it is getting put in his inbox and I am supposed to get this done tomorrow!!!  GRR!!!  So my perinatologist calls me back and says she has spoken to the dr oncall and he said the doctor covering for my doctor will be back in the office tomorrow and it would be better to talk to him so he can schedule the procedure.  So I am waiting until tomorrow morning to find everything out now!!  Another damn day of waiting and I already had my rides lined up!

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