Tuesday, January 18, 2011

slightly fustrated!

Well I called my OBGYN's office this morning to get my surgery time and details.  Wanted to do it early in the morning so that they would have all day to get everything done and would hopefully be in the hospital by tomorrow.  I called and they informed me that my doctor was on vacation all this week and another doctor was covering for her.  No big deal I do like the other doctor alot but I really wish she was here to talk to me about everything.  Little nervous about it all and part of my just wants to run to my "friend" doctors and switch so I know everything that is going on forsure and I will have their home cell and pager numbers but I don't want to deliver at the hospital I work at because if the baby is born before 28 weeks the baby would have to be transferred to the hospital I am signed up to deliver at.  So I guess I will stick it out unless I see a sign or something!  Now it's just still the waiting game on when this doctor will call me back and let me know what is going on.  I have alot to ask him and think I have gotten all my back up rides together incase John can not get off work.  Delanie has been very active since last night and is kicking very hard.  Reminding me of her brother when he was in there.  He was always so active and VERY violent to mommy.  Does make me feel good she is so healthy but she did find my cervix and started kicking and punching it which if you have ever been pregnant know that it does NOT feel well!  But I will take any movement she gives me.  Its a little life growing away and doing good.  I am just ready to get passed this next week!  I am 20 weeks today!  So happy about that!  17 more until she is term and 3 more until she is viable.  Hoping to go to the 17 weeks though!  I will update later after I talk to the doctor forsure!

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