Sunday, February 6, 2011

Excited to be boring!

Well it's been a WONDERFUL non eventful week!  I will be 23 weeks on Tuesday!  I know it's not a safe zone but it is still a accomplishment!  I have a OBGYN appt on the 10th and then the perinatologist on the 14th for remeasurement and sono.  PRAYING it will be better or at least still the same!  John's birthday is tomorrow his parent's were so nice and came and took him and Dustin out to lunch to one of their favorite places and then took them to target to get Dustin some things he needed and John surprised me with a old movie I have been wanting to watch!  Big trouble in little china!  I have no idea why I want to watch this movie so bad but I do!  I loved it when I was a little girl!  My mom was a big movie goer when we were little and some of my fondest moments are cuddling up with her and getting special snacks and off to windsor park mall movie theater!  I guess some of the older movies remind me of our good ol date nights with mom!  We also took a very exciting step and daddy bought all Delanie's furniture for her room!!  So excited it should be here around March 20th when I will be about 28 weeks!  Hoping I last that long which in my heart I feel I will so I will just trust and follow in that!.   John has been so good to me and spoiling me in every way making this so much more easier to stay in bed for NOW 27 DAYS!  He just moved the big screen in our room with the PS3 so I can watch blue rays in here WHAT A MAN!  Mom has been so good and been away from her very much loved husband for almost a month which I feel bad about but I know she wants Delanie more then anything right now.  She lost a son and never wants to feel that grief again let alone watch me go through that pain.  I know everything happens for a reason and I will look back on this all like it never happened once I am holding my daughter in my arms and my family will be complete with no holes!  Dustin will have a forever companion and we will have our perfect pair of children <3  This is why I feel in some ways I have to suffer right now because from here on out life is going to be pretty much heaven!  

Here is a link to Delanie's bedroom set if anyone wants to see!  We changed it to a different one then before!  It will be in the white color instead of brown though =))|77448 

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