Monday, February 14, 2011

Dr appt

So I got a BIG tease!!  Appt went well!  At first they went to measure my cervix and it was sooo pretty!!  Nice and long and closed with NO funneling!!  I was a awesome and measured a little over 3cm!  Then they did the pressure test and it did shorten and went to a 2.5-2.2 which was still good so we started to look at the baby and looked down at the bottom of the screen and low and behold my cervix was funneling alot and shortening like a little tornado!  UGHHHH!!!!!  I was so close to getting a few more privledges!  So she said oohhhh your not going anywhere your cervix is throwing a fit with just a little irritation.  So back to bed I go!  But it is longer at around a 2.2 so we are still looking better!  Count your blessings as they come!  Delanie was almost in the 80% for her weight!!  HUGE!  She is a HEFTY 1 pound 9 oz at 23 weeks 6 days!!  Dustin was 1 pound 5 oz when he was born at 25 weeks gestation!!  I was so surprised and so very happy that she is a little chunky monkey =))  She is very healthy and head up and she is sitting on my cervix.  Doctor said we could stay out of the hospital and come back in 2 weeks for a re-eval on baby!  She said right now things are looking good so we will wait on the steroids to so they have a better effect after 25 weeks gestation so we will know when we get those next appt.  The next appt is on the 28th as long as things look good!  Really happy with this appt even though it was a tease at first!  I really saw the movies and maybe a shopping trip in my future when I saw that pretty cervix but it was just tricking us!  Oh well!!  She is still in and looks to be that way for awhile longer!  Blood pressure was good and still no protien in the urine so we are blessed for that too going to be on the look out this next week as that is when I came down with the very deadly HELLP syndrome that ended Dustin's pregnancy.  But things are looking good!  I really couldn't do it without my family they have given Delanie this extra time by taking such good care of me!  

Here are some pictures of my 1 pound 9 oz 23 + 6 days big girl!! 

kicking her leg up and relaxing!  She is so silly already!

chubby cheeks!!


Peek a boo!!

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