Saturday, February 26, 2011

Coming right along.....

YAY!  This weekend my family started on Delanie's room!!  We also got all her furniture from babie's R us in already!  The room is not done yet next weekend the projects are trim and putting up the chair rail and the curtains and letters on the wall and there will be shelves in the closet with cute totes and baskets on them =)  Here are some progression pictures!

Daniel was speaking out of turn...LOL

Work in progress

Gracie is so impressed

Cleaning out Dustin's room to make room for some of his other toys

Wendy battling with the vacumme

Girls hard at work

mom with the mattress that came in yesterday!

Mom showing off some of the totes


Top paint

Looks great!  Now just the chair rail and trim =))

Closet is the light pink color

Shelves will be added next weekend too =)

Some more totes

Room!  Gotta leave the bed in here for dear ol mom to sleep in =)  Can't wait for the trim and stuff to be done!

New white ceiling fan

New closet lite we call it the BOOB

New wooden blinds =))  Curtains are already in too but those will be put up next week!


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