Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dustin's First tooth fairy visit!

                                                      Dustin's long rooted teeth them suckers are in there!

Him the morning of the tooth fairy visit!

So excited!


It was worth it mom!

Missing teeth!
It went well this morning he woke up and almost forgot about it then I reminded him and he got soooo excited!  We had to give him 5 dollars cause John forgot to get change!  So he got a dollar for each tooth pulled and then 1 extra one for his first time?  Sounds good right?  LOL  He was really happy this morning he is still having a little of a time figuring out to eat and drink without stuff spilling out!  We think it's funny he doesn't!  Daddy was carefully watching him eat this morning to make sure he could handle it all though!  I will miss Dustin tons why he is at school today it was nice having a movie buddy in bed with me yesterday!  Here are some pictures from this morning <3

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