Sunday, August 26, 2012

Almost 21 weeks!

Almost 21 weeks and this time couldn't go by any faster!  Right now I am urging the days to pass until I reach 25 weeks where I will breath ONE huge sigh and then move on to the next goal and worry after that!  I still am amazed I am working and proud as well I feel like a "normal" pregnant mother and that feels good!  Other people may laugh at that but if I am working I am healthy enough to and that is a huge plus to me!  Now if the doctor's of course say bedrest now then I will totally do exactly what they say and order to a tee.  My next appointment is the 5th with the high risk and also my OBGYN is the same day.  We shall see what the next check up will bring us!  Hopefully nothing but sunshine and rainbows because I am loving this feeling.  Baby girl is doing good and moving around like crazy she is making me feel so much closer and bonding with her even more each kick and punch and wiggle.  Thru everything I have just learned to appreciate and love each day and savor the moment.  It's hard when you are panicking and freaking out every 2 seconds but I try to remind myself each day take a breath and breathe it in.  Savor the moment.  Be happy for today and today only and keep looking forward and thank god for each moment.

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  1. YAY!!! Trucking along :)
    Love reading your updates keep em coming