Monday, December 17, 2012

One of the worst weeks...

I guess it is time to sit down and try to give a brief look into the past week.  It has been one I will never forget and one that in some ways I wish I could.  It has been a huge trial for our small family unit but one that will I am sure teach us lessons on life and make our love even stronger together.  On monday things were still good went to my appt. and life was good.  Tuesday my 15 year old blue heeler was sick and we knew her time was near already and had just been trying to make these last few weeks the best for her.  Dustin had a theory that Lilly would be Delanie's Christmas present and that gave us great peace and comfort.  Leave it to my wonderful son to bring light into the situation.  So Tuesday she was even sicker and she was not happy and I knew it was time.  My sweet husband came home and took her to a good friend's vet clinic that had seen her for the past 3 years.  They were very caring and sweet and really made me feel more at ease knowing she was spending her last moments with people that actually cared and my husband her daddy by her side.  John later that night told me the story of Lilly.  When he got her out of the car people came to greet him from the clinic knowing how hard it was going to be for him.  Once he got Lilly out of the car a pretty orange butterfly landed on Lilly's nose.  Anyone know's Delanie was our butterfly her whole room was done in butterflies and then she became our own personal butterfly which later we found out was the national infant loss symbol which we had not known prior.  So with that behind us we figured that was the worst.  NO it wasn't near it.  Thursday night we got a phone call that John's father had colapsed in the garage suddenly and that EMS was there working on him.  John was on his way home he had just pulled in the neighborhood so I got ready called my sister and asked her to come over because Dustin was already in bed and I didn't want to wake him and she is only two streets over.  John came in and we quickly left for the hospital.  I had already had a feeling that this was it and that is why I made my husband take me but calmly talked to him the way to the hospital in hopes of him not catching on to how serious I really felt it was.  We got there very quickly and met John's mother in the waiting room where we waited together for the news on how our beloved grandpa was doing and if like he always does would beat this and defy odds.  This time was not that time.  We were escorted to a little room where we were greeted with hosptial staff and personal and a chaplin.  The doctor came in and broke the news to us.  That my dear husband a only child and John's wonderful loving mother a wife of 36 years and Dustin the only living grandchild had lost their grandpa, father and husband.  For 15 years this man has been in my life he has drove me crazy, shown me love, taught me lessons and provided me with the most wonderful grandfather for my son and now he was gone.  I knew where he was I am sure he rushed to get dibs on his grand daughter Delanie.  He had been saying how hard it was not to have been able to hold her and now he gets her all to himself to love hold and raise.  She is not alone he is there to show her all that he has shown us.  I am sad he will not be able to hold Kinley Raye but know he will be there watching in that hospital room holding Delanie up in his arms so that she too can get a peak at her little sister.  I know it will be a happy day for him too but for us here we will look up and think about him and send a little wish to god that he was there with us in body.  His services are tomorrow full military honors as he was a well respected vet and cherished his military past and career.  It will be a hard day but together we will get thru it.  Then if that all wasn't enough my dear husband on Saturday started feeling achy and rushed to the med clinic knowing we are having a baby in less then a week and yes of course tested positive for the flu.  Dustin and I both had shots so we have been okay.  John did not get his this year.  He was given tamiflu to help lessen the time and symptoms.  I am hoping and praying he is well and not contagious for Thursday delivery of our daughter.  He seems to be feeling much better today and of course will be at his father's services tomorrow.  So please wish us prayers of health and strength and a good delivery on Thursday morning.  Lord please keep our family close and strong..

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  1. So sorry for your loss of your father-in-law, and of your pet. That is a lot to go through right before Christmas and as you wait to welcome your baby girl.