Monday, December 10, 2012

35+5 days high risk appt

Yep I am almost 36 weeks!!  WHAT???  LOL I am super excited and doing more because they said if I go into labor then I go into labor basically.  So I am taking it easy but doing stuff here and there to try to help out some.  Also have gone out to eat a few times!  Which is nice because I won't go for awhile after I have our little Kinley NEXT WEEK!  Kinley will be here on Thursday December 20th @ 0915 am =)  I am super excited and the whole family is a buzz of excitement too!  This weekend we are finishing up cleaning and getting everything ready!  Her bags are packed, mine are semi packed because I am still wearing some of the stuff I want to take and John will need to add cloths in as well.  I will also need to pack Dustin a bag to go to grandma's house because it is closer to the hospital.  So the high risk appt today went wonderfully.  The sonographer that has always been right on said her weight at 35+5 weeks was 7 pounds 14 oz!  Then the doctor came in and she always does her own sono too and she was a little blown away by the weight and reweighed her and said her weight was 6 lbs 14 oz.  So who knows!  We shall know forsure next week right?  LOL  Either way a big healthy baby is in order for us.  I am just so ready to get this show on the road!!  John is hoping she is born this wednesday on 12-12-12!  LOL  We shall see!  I would be a little nervous about her coming out at 36 weeks but I just pray everything works out!  Wish I knew forsure when she was going to make her magic appearance!  She is doing good though and passed her BPP with a 8/8 and NST was flawless and she was extremely active today.  She is still active tonight!  Please keep it up little one I will let you rest more when you get here!  Mommy is a little crazy right now and needs to feel you moving ALL the time =)

Face up against the placenta

Foot up against the placenta LOL  Kicking her pillow!

Little princess!

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