Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sooo behind because of germs!!

Yes GERMS!  On Monday I was fine went to my high risk appt and had a ball with everyone in the office like always after I leave there I feel great because I have reassurance and feel safe.  Then come later that night throat kind of itched and then BAM full on sick!!  I have no idea what is wrong with me but it went straight to my chest and the next morning I had to go in to the OB because I was on my freaking death bed!  I was so scared that it would be like last time and I would end up getting THAT sick again and frankly now I realize I am traumatized from what happened in July.  Luckly after two antibiotics I am feeling better today.  So on with the doctor's appts!  Monday baby was wonderful and scored great had a flawless sono with BPP and was a hefty 5 pounds 12 oz her NST was wonderful and I was switched over to heparin twice a day to get me ready for delivery incase it happens sooner then expected.  So the second appt was the next day because I was sick I went in and they gave me two shots of rocephen and then baby was tachy but so was I so I think it was stressing her out.  So I was stuck on the monitor until she improved.  At first she was non-reactive but as soon as I drank some juice she was reactive and heart rate was better so they said I could go home to sleep because I did not sleep the whole night before but maybe 30 minutes to a hour at a time.  They also sent me home on keflex.  The horrid thing about being sick when you are pregnant is you can't take ANYTHING!!  Especially in the third trimester everything that actually works is off limits.  Not only that is I am coughing and sneezing and vomiting because of all the flem which is not good for someone with a incompetent cervix.  My pelvis hurts so bad from all the muscle strain its unbelievable and hard to walk.  But I am now over 34 wonderful weeks!  Next goal is 36 weeks and then its BABY!  Only 3 weeks until my c-section???!!!  WHAT?  I may actually make this?  I might actually TAKE home my baby with me?  We are ready for you Kinley Raye keep hanging in there baby we will make you happy for the rest of your life!


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