Monday, November 5, 2012

Catch up for week 30

I always seem to blog more in my head lately then on here!  Hard to explain LOL  On Friday was my OBGYN appt and it was good they were busy but NST was great and they then informed me between 34-36 weeks my cerclage will be coming out which I was like OKAY and then walked out.  Then later that night I was like WAIT if they take that stitch out there is NO WAY I will hold this baby in!  So Kinley could be here in 3-4 weeks?  HOLY CRAP!  Freaked out a little and then got scary feelings and then back to happy ones.  My sister and her girls and her husband came to work on Kinley's room this weekend and we got so much done!  All her clothes are washed and ready in drawers and organizers.  I have about 15 outfits I want to take to the hospital so need to narrow those down for sure!  Was a good long weekend with lots of family so that was nice not to be totally bored all the time!

High-risk appt-Had that today and we did pretty good!  BPP was great she was super cute and showing off.  In one picture she scored great for tone because she was HOLDING her foot with her hand by her head!  The tech was laughing and snapped a few pictures.  My cervix was worse at the lowest measurement being a 1.8 which is the lowest I have been this pregnancy.  I was a 1.7 with Delanie.  So I will just have to take it easy you never know next week it could bounce back up to a 2.5 and above.  But the good thing is she is healthy and active.  My NST was good and reactive baby got hiccups in the middle of it and got very angry and we had to search her out for about 10 minutes cause she kept moving.  I will try to get some pictures of the room progress on here and I need to take some belly shots.  Will write more later!! 

Here are some pictures of today!

30 weeks 5 days!

Looks a little weird but that is her mouth opening LOL

This is a FUNNY picture of her face profile and then at the top right of the corner you see her foot and then her fingers are wrapped around her toes playing with her little foot LOL

3D of bottom of face the eyes were to covered but you can see her pretty lips and nose really well

more of the side of her bottom of face

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