Monday, October 29, 2012

29+5 day high risk

So today was the high risk check up which I was eagerly waiting for because I wanted to make sure all these contractions are not effecting my cervix.  The appointment was good but long but I am great with that.  She is my now my heaviest baby!  She is 29+5 weeks and already 3 pounds 7 oz in weight!  She is doing great!  Her BPP was a 8/8 and everything looked great sono wise.  My cervix was still very very much funneled and moody but it was a nice length of 2.7 which is great it actually went up a bit!  I have been taking it extremely easy at home so it's paying off forsure.  My fluid was a 17 and I recieved another 17P injection like I do every Monday.  The NST was good it was a bit longer then expected just because she wanted a clear baseline and they are extra careful with me which is fine!  I love being in good hands and with people who actually CARE about us =)  Kinley was active and all else was well.  So we are on to week 30 hopefully!  Our next goal would be 32 weeks and that would be fabulous! 


Hi mom!

Her little face its hard to view cause her placenta is in front

Face with elbow always up!

Face and elbow


Another little profile

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