Monday, October 15, 2012

27+5 wks high risk appt

Almost 28 weeks which is a beautiful thing it makes such a huge difference NICU experaince and length in stay.  So today I had my high risk appt. I have no idea why I like to cause so much trouble.  I was sitting in the waiting room just waiting after giving my urine sample and smelling some horrid smell from the person in there prior and then came back to wait with my friend Sylvia who had met me there for the appt.  I had been feeling a little short of breath when I was waiting for the stinky lady to leave the bathroom but brushed it off to the pollen counts for the day.  When I got back to Sylvia in the waiting room I started feeling light headed but brushed it off and kept talking.  Then I felt a hot and cold feeling and I couldn't breath well and felt like I could vomit and go to the bathroom all this at the same time!  By that time I had stopped talking and was looking off because my vision was disturbed and I felt like I was going to faint.  Sylvia saw my face and she said I was pale and went to get help.  The nurses came out and put me in a room in the back and gave me cold water and started taking vitals.  In the end my blood pressure had dropped for some reason but returned back to normal and after being there for almost 3 hours by the time I left I felt like myself and fine enough to go home.  It has not happened since so I think it was a fluke.  Baby measured wonderful at a nice 2 pounds 10 oz and was measuring great.  She had a grade 2 placenta and fluid was 17 cm.  One thing that did change for the worse was my cervix it was a 2.4 which is the lowest it has been this pregnancy but it's still stable and thinking we still have some time left.  Lord only knows how much.  We also had another 17p injection and then completed our NST and baby passed and she scored a 8/8 on her BPP so that is all good stuff.  She was stubborn on pictures today and kept her arms and hands in her face at all times so the sono tech just took the picture like that to show miss Kinley's stubborn side!  My sweet spirited girl.  Please stay strong my love. 

side of her face with her arm infront of it blocking our view...LOL silly girl

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