Thursday, October 25, 2012

29th week

I need to catch up because I forgot to write about Monday's high risk check up!  Baby was great scored a 8/8 for her BPP and my cervix was a 2.36 it was a 2.34 the week prior so not a whole lot of change we are still hanging low.  Her NST was great and she was reactive and jumping around showing off her skills trying to act like a full term girl.  The whole visit was fine as always there in my comfort zone aka Dr. Mcfarland's whole office.  I always feel that is my safe place and they can never do any wrong and I trust them more then anything so I am relaxed there =)  Her AFi was 17 so still beautiful there as well.  So she said just still stick with the bedrest and we will see her again every Monday until baby comes =)

OBGYN check up today (10/25)
My NST was not to my liking....She had one axcel and they only kept me on for about 20 minutes if that.  During that 20 minutes I contracted several times of what I thought I was having was round ligament pain mixed with gas but now I know opps those are contractions.  I have been feeling different for the past two days having a heavy feeling in my belly when I get up almost like I have a UTI and pulling sensation which led me to believe the round ligament pain was the culprit.  I have had tightness in the upper abd but I do when she stretches too because she is a super long baby I swear I could cough up her foot at anytime.  LOL  But this has all be ctx now but I have such a high pain tolerance I wouldn't call them painful but they were pretty up there on the NST today.  What surprised me is when I got to talk to the doctor and we started talking about the NST she was okay with it but I was not.  I was concerned about the one axcel but truely I don't think I was on enough to get a proper reading and Kinley was sleeping.  So she said we could do a BPP to see her scoring.  Then I was conecerned about the contractions being so close together and stronger then I thought they were and she said well some people just contract with no change and are fine we don't know if that may just be your case.  I get that but I am freaking out at this moment and starting not to think properly because I am thinking you are not fighting enough you don't want regrets Holly start fighting.  So I tell her I have a issue with that so she said we will check your cervical length to see the difference and if they are causing any change.  So I agree with the plan of care and go back to the waiting room to wait for their sono person to come get me.  Mean while I am freaking and call Cindy at Dr. Mcfarland's office because I need to hear her voice and tell her what is going on.  She tells me to calm down and talks to me for a bit and then tells me to finish there and let them do the full work up and we can go from there.  I hang up and feel better just needed that.  The sono lady that comes in is VERY nice and calls herself granny hazy (hazel is her name) and starts talking to Kinley as she is sonoing and Kinley is bouncing around going crazy and showing off skills she has never had before LOL she is grasping with her hands (fine motor skill) and breathing and plenty of movement (a little to much) and extremely healthy.  She scores a 8/8 extremely quickly on her BPP all is well and I am breathing better.  Granny Hazy then checks the cervix which is varying because I am also contracting so this takes a few minutes.  We get a reading of 2.1 which is not to bad just alot of action down there but not alot of damage and cerclage is nice and intact and we still have room before the crvix reaches there.  So basically we are waiting for bleeding or changes in mucus to say we are having cervical changes or worsening painful contractions before we are acting on anything.  I am at a loss because hoping I am doing everything right.  I am at home now laying flat and guzzling fluids like crazy still crampy and uncomfty.  I guess we are just having a preemie and that is just what is going to happen.  They changed my c-section date also because the doctor will not be in that day so our new date is December 20th but I personally think I will never make it to that goal.  We shall see only time can tell.  I just want to FFWD to Monday to see Dr. Mcfarland again and feel that ease and relaxing feeling and being totally taken care of.  Wish us luck....

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