Wednesday, October 10, 2012

27 weeks!

We are doing wonderful and hoping to make it to our first "big" goal 28 weeks gestation when you are in a whole different ball game as far as NICU wise.  This is really starting to get exciting!  If I can hold on 10 more weeks it will be her scheduled c-section date!  That is 10 more weekends, 10 more Fridays, 10 of each and every day!  When you put it that way it doesn't seem near as long.  So my appointment yesterday at the fabulous high risk doctor that I don't think I could live without in our lives!  The appointment went great my cervix was a nice 3.4 cm which is great bed rest has gotten us some length and we hope to keep it the only this is it was more dinamic and funneling and open so we need to still be very careful.  They did the sono and did a BPP and she scored a 8/8 health wise and she was practicing breathing already which is a wonderful sight to see for a mother like myself.  They will weigh her again next week.  I had my glucose test and 17 p injection and routine blood work that I get every so often because of my MTHFR mutation and me being on lovenox injections daily.  I will prolly have results to those tests tomorrow early afternoon is when she usually calls me back.  I was also placed on the NST monitor to see how baby was over a period of time and I must say she was a show off letting us know how healthy she is and that she is hopefully here to stay with us forever.  Everyone was very impressed by how reactive her strip was and that she stayed on the monitor like a good girl.  Of course with mommy's help!  I was feeling really bad yesterday when I woke up and having upper gastric pain and just plain feeling bad tummy wise.  When I got to the office it was still going on and the glucose test did not help taking in 50grams of sugar when I don't even drink soda sucked!  I had mentioned it to my doctor and she wanted to dip my urine for protien which it was just a trace.  My BP has been slightly elevated but like 130/80's which is still not bad.  But with a couple of these things happening we will be watching it more closely as the headaches, upper gastric pain and BP up but hopefully not trending up can be precursors for HELLP syndrome or pre=eclampcia like when I had to give early birth to Dustin and did not do well myself.  But now I am educated and well on top of things and not planning to take any chances.  So I will just keep up with the bed rest, drink plenty of fluids, and try to keep stressful things out of my life.  I think a HUGE portion of stress is work and feeling guilty for leaving them again.  Also my short term disability has not happened as easy as it was last time and we still have no received any payments!  Luckily my husband works his job plus side jobs.  But still we pay for the service all year long and I would love to use it.  Hopefully it all works out soon because I also owe about 700 bucks to our insurance company for premiums that need to come out of those I know once it all gets done and taken care of it will feel nice and I can relax.  I know I need to take another belly shot and I will soon the thing is since I don't get out anywhere I mostly stick to pj's!  So when I get dressed again I will take pictures!  I think with this baby I am the largest maybe cause they were so close together?  With Delanie I actually think I was the smallest even counting Dustin's quick pregnancy.  Who knows I look at my body from a whole different view then others!  She moves the hardest out of all my babies as well.  She gets very violent at times and I am thinking she has anger management issues already.  Maybe another redhead? 

Her little feet

Her little face looking up towards my placenta

Kissing her placenta   

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