Monday, October 1, 2012

High risk check up

So today was another of my high risk check ups which I was really nervous about because all the contractions last week I was hoping didn't do to much damage on my cervix to cause shortening.  I followed doctor's orders perfectly this week and tried not to sit up more then 30 minutes per day and lay down 90% of the time and take quick showers.  My mother has been here to help and bring me drinks and food and such and family members will stop by and bring us lunch from time to time as well.  John spent the weekend trying to fatten baby girl up with protiens.  I was not feeling well all weekend due to allergies but feel better today thank goodness!  I have still had a couple contractions every now and then but nothing in a pattern and not to many close together so we are safe in that way.  Today when I went to lay down for the sonogram I had a strong contraction and had to wait for it to stop before I could do much or think of to much.  They caught the contraction right at the end during the sono and I think that is why it was a little shorter then expected.  It was around 2 when they first measured then after the contraction eased it was a 2.8.  Last weeks measurements it was a 3.5 without contraction and 2 something with contraction.  So we have gone down but are still stable and we still have room before it gets to the cerclage.  So I was able to go home today YAY!  No readmission thank goodness.  She did tell me that I could sit up more and walk to the kitchen to get a drink or snack then lay back down so alittle more room to move.  Baby Kinley was awesome and weighed in at 2 pounds even.  She was moving around and placenta and blood flow looked good and fluid level was a 16!  More then likely because I have been drinking like a FISH!  I in NO way want contractions back!  LOL  I got a few pictures of her to share she keeps her hands in her face so hard to get really good face shots!  She is ready for fighting!  Just so worried about her and so many emotions lately.  Just got to keep positive and keep going!  More to write later but wanted to fill everyone in on the doctor's appt! 

Kind of a weird motion shot LOL

arms are always by her face LMAO

Hi mom!  Either that or she is saluting us!  Hey we support our troops!

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