Thursday, September 27, 2012


So after all the trouble I had just finished writing about I decided to get into a little more...LOL  Tuesday night was the worst night I had contractions all night but felt so bad about keeping John and family up the night before in Labor and Delivery I decided to wait until morning because I knew my cervix was closed and I had no discharge or mucus changes or spotting so I knew things were okay and that the contractions were not making change in that area.  I stayed up until 2:30am with the back labor and then finally fell asleep.  I am thinking the first round of steriods didnt help the whole non sleep thing either.  So Wed morning I started calling doctor's to let them know about the night's events.  I was instructed to go to labor and Delivery to be admitted for further care and to start the second round of steriods for baby Kinley.  I asked my bestfriend to come get me and told John to stay at work since things were stable and I was only contracting at the time about once a hour or so.  So off we went to labor and delivery and I was admitted to stay at least over night to see what happened.  I was checked again and cervix was still closed.  I continuted contracting about once a hour sometimes every 30 minutes until 5:08 pm I contracted 6 times in a hour and then NOTHING LOL!  Crazy!  I think really my body needs to adjust to strict bedrest and taking it easy and things will start to flow better.  I was also NPO (nothing by mouth) until 4:30pm that day because they were unsure if they would have to take her or start mag which you are NPO for.  So I was behind on fluids but after that time I was DROWNING myself in them so I think that is what helped the contractions really stop fast!  I was actually able to sleep that night until about 4:30am which is good for me especially in a busy hospital with women screaming everywhere LOL  Was a busy busy night.  That morning since I hadn't done anything that night I asked if I would be allowed to go home and they said yes!  Since I did such a good job with Delanie and she knows I will call if I need to come in I was able to go home!  So now tonight I am happily back with my family relaxing and staying away from contractions hopefully!  So now the waiting game is on.  Kinley could come at any moment but we are hoping for at least 3 more weeks.  But its good to know she has all her steroids on board to be in the best shape possible.  She is a fiesty little thing!  Sure she will prolly be a redhead as firey as she is!

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  1. You are amazingly strong through this. I can't even begin to imagine how you feel. Just know that you are being prayed for.