Wednesday, September 5, 2012

22 weeks

22 weeks and I just keep wanting time to move forward faster and faster.  I wish I had a crystal ball to tell me when she will come and how everything will be in the future.  Now my goal is viability which is 23 weeks here and then 25 weeks when I had Dustin and then we will just keep going from there.  I had my high risk appt today and everything still looked beautiful which was awesome.  My cervix is still wonderful at a 3.75 and Kinley Raye looked beautiful and was active and was a nice 1 pound 1 oz in weight.  So I am still able to work which is good in many ways because work helps pass time alot faster then laying in bed all day!  My blood pressure was slightly up but I will be watching it closely at home as well and we will say prayers that it was just because I was walking and doing alot today.  Everything else looked good and Kinley is getting so much more active these days to let us know her presence.  We are preparing the house for her and cleaned the carpets and curtains and redid blinds this weekend and severely cleaned house.  I guess mama is in nesting phase slightly early this time!  I think John was excited to go back to work on Monday to get away from the cleaning nazi.  I keep thinking I am going to go on bedrest and I will need to have all this done before I am nailed down and will not be able to do it then.  I forgot to remind her about my DVD today so no pictures from this visit but hopefully next visit we will get alot more.  Dustin is doing well in school and making new friends and seems to like his teacher.  I am hoping he has a wonderful year I know Kinley will make it better but I am hoping school wise he has a better time then last year as he struggled a bit but at the end of the year did very well.  We shall see...belly pictures to start soon I am just so lazy!

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