Tuesday, September 25, 2012


So yesterday I decided things were to quiet and needed to scare some people around because let's face it that is what I do while pregnant!  So yesterday I wasn't feeling well just kind of sick to my tummy but I had been feeling "gunky" all weekend and laid around for the main part of the weekend because of it.  Monday I really wanted to get out for a bit so mom and I went to Target to go buy Dustin a some new pants with some store credit I had.  When we got to the store I started feeling sick to my stomach again so we got two pairs and left quickly and picked up dinner on the way home and went home to lay down for the night.  Well about 6-630 I kept complaining about back pain but it didn't click until I said something out loud about "mom don't worry it comes and then goes away"  well then it hit me....DUH Holly that is what you don't want....LOL  So I laid down drank some fluids and took a hot shower but nothing seemed to work and the back pain kept coming so I decided around 830 after Dustin was in bed I would go in to get checked out at the hospital to take no chances.  John was in Austin on buisness and my mom was here to watch Dustin so I was just going to drive myself because to me it was no big deal it's just like a doctors appt but at night because I just wanted to make sure things weren't what I thought they were.  My sister came to get me though and my niece to take me down to the hospital.  I called John and even though I told him to stay there I think he was at the hospital in a hour or so from AUSTIN!  My poor husband he loves us so much.  When I got to L&D I had great service and everything was quickly done.  I had already called my doctor on call prior and orders were nicely there waiting for me.  I had a fetalfibranectomine(FFN) done of my cervix this test gives you a likely outcome of near delivery.  It was negative so that is a great thing!  Contractions were still coming but not picking up on the montior which MINE never do!  I have ALL back labor with Dustin and Kinley.  Delanie I never contracted to much at all.  So they sent me home on strict bedrest until today when I could follow up with the high risk doctor for further evaluation because her machines are better then the hospital and she calls most of the shots around there.  I was no dilated and cervix was thick and high via manual check.  So I felt good about today when getting my check up.  I was still having random back pain not as much as before though.  I got to the high risk doctor and they started the sono and at first things looked GREAT!  Cervix was a nice 3.5 in length and looked nice!  Then...contraction hit!!  Cervix funneled and went down to a 2.2 in length so (I AM CONTRACTING)  but they are not picking up.  I thought I was all along.  So things changed from there.  My fluid is a nice 13 cm of nice fluid.  Baby Kinley was wonderful and moving around she is breech right now which is nice because I wouldn't want any more added pressure on my cervix with her head so I am hoping she stays that way for as long as possible.  Doctor came in and said we are doing steroids and will be on strict bedrest for the remainder of the pregnancy (bummer)  but HEY I am in the game and baby is more then viable so I need to count my blessings.  They are not starting any meds right now to stop the contractions because they are irregular and not causing actual cervical change which is good.  You want to save the meds until they are absoulty needed because if you take them prolonged their effect can wear off and they not work when you NEED them forsure.  And they make you feel like crap (not that I care about that).  So we are trying to hold off if possible.  We are downing fluids and got our first round of steriods and will have our second round tomorrow and recheck my cervix Monday.  Hopefully we can stay at home they allowed me to come home because I am a nurse and they feel good because of how careful and successful I was with Delanie's bedrest and I DO follow orders!  So here we go the count down is on.  Kinley can come any day and each day is a blessing and a better outcome.  We will celebrate each week and goal and I know I can do this!  Please pray for us!  You will prolly be hearing from me alot more now that I am bed ridden!  Lord help me make it thru this SANE and with a sweet baby in my arms!  Tomorrow I am 25 weeks which is exactly when I had my 9 year old sweetie Dustin Tyler.  Hopefully she doesn't copy her big brother though!  Pictures to come in a little bit!

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