Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Man I really need to find some organization in my life.  Sometimes I feel like I have no control on energy and I think if I really got some things organized and done it would be tons better mentally really.  So I am thinking of really hitting it hard this weekend and doing yard and house work in hopes we can clear some junk and along with that mental fog.  We are at a stand still in our gardens and yard stuff because we have to save more money up and then also agree on alot of our choices and make sure we make the best ones.  Dustin is doing well he had a wonderful Halloween and I will make sure I post some pictures of him at the end of this post.  He lost his two front teeth but I guess not lost they were really wiggly and my sister pulled them out because I hate teeth.  Yep I am a nurse and I do alot of gross stuff but I hate teeth!  I know it's crazy!  I got employee of the month at work which is exciting.  I also got recoginised for all my grief work on the fetal demise area at work and getting all the donations for the families of loss at our hospital.  I will keep going too I am not stopping.  We made it thru Delanie's 7 month angelversary I spent it alone which was hard but it's over now.  I will try to start updating alot more on here and doing more pictures

John dressed up too =)

Toothless pirate!

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