Saturday, January 14, 2012

Life Changes

Life is ever changing and it goes ahead rather you are ready or not.  You must bend and ease into each transition as gracefully as possible and thru age and life experiances it doesn't nessiarly make you more wise it makes you more graceful in a matter able to bend and transition because you know there isn't anything you can do but go with it and hopefully bend a little more your direction.  I know it sounds like riddles printed here in black bold words but in my head it seems to make since in some way and if you were in my head you would be nodding and saying how bright we both are....=)  Today has been a up and down day for me.  Somedays you seem to live more then others in a way there is so much want and need for things in my life and in my head but then sometimes when I try to act out on them the hunger and need seems to fade back into some length of despair.  Life is so much different now my views seem to ever change never really knowing which direction they will get until I get there.  That is my life these days.  Day by day breath by breath.  Sometimes I dream of her and when I think of her it almost seems like a bad memory at times then at other times a dream come true because of her sweet face and I was so able to hold and view her.  Yes pondering tonight holding back alot to this post.....may not be the last one tonight

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