Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's a.......

Well most of you already know from facebook and other sites but yes we have found out early what we are having and they are very sure its a little BOY!  We are happy and just blessed to have a healthy baby especially after the past two weeks of maybe losing our little one because mommy was so sick.  We are happy things are getting back to normal!  We didn't tell in a very special way this time I kept telling my mom it's hard to make it special for people when you can't seem to try hard enough to make it special for yourself.  We just don't have it in us anymore and I wish that wasn't the case but it is.  So we made a short video and posted it on facebook.  I did try to make it special for Dustin and bought him blue baby stuff and put it in a gift and let him open it which he was OVER the moon about because he REALLY wants a brother.  So he has been happy and singing all day long you could have given this boy anything in the world but he is SO happy he is having a brother.  I am happy about the baby and truly did not care about the sex I just want a baby with a heartbeat.  We have so much to plan and buy because we don't plan on having a baby shower this time.  I feel bad asking for people to come to a second one a year apart and would wonder how they would feel and if they would be hmm...waiting for the ball to drop?  I know that is prolly just me and my crazy thinking but its what I am going thru truthfully.  So I wanted to share a couple pictures of my sweet baby boy and try to upload the video for you all as well.  Thank you so much for your support and prayers please please keep them coming.

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