Friday, June 22, 2012

11 weeks 2 days!

We had our NT scan this morning and everything looked great!!  Baby was bouncing around like a spider monkey LOL and its still little so I was teasing the doctor that it's profile looked like Mr. Burns from the simpsons!  It was because baby had his or her fingers in their mouth  LOL Poor kiddo already getting made fun of!  Welcome to the family little one!!  So I did get a semi shot of between the legs and will post it and let you guess but its still to early to say either way if it's boy or girl.  Baby's heart rate was 170's and was beautifully beating strong.  Cerclage is next week on the 28th and OB visit and pre-op is the 26th.  Then I will see the perinatologist and sono the baby again on the 6th before I head back to work.  So everything is looking good so far.  Cervix is nice and long at 4.06 right now which is awesome and great news.

Well there is between the legs no telling what the sex is yet!  We shall see as he or she grows!

Picture where is looks like Mr. Burns but its because the baby has his/her fingers all in their mouth sucking on them

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