Friday, June 1, 2012

8 weeks 2 days update

So I have been slacking lately on the baby updates.  Mostly my fault either fatigued and still having attachment issues with this baby I think as time goes on it will get better and more "real" to me.  We are steadily excited and baby is about 75% of our conversation thru out the day.  I have had several sonograms with a beautiful baby and wonderful heart rate to match.  I have had some issues with bleeding with a small sub-chorionic hemorrage.  Which is resolving fast and was barely seen on today sonogram.  I have always dealt with bleeding in all my pregnancies during the first trimester so nothing really new to me but still not a fun deal to go thru.  I have been to my specialist which totally helped ease some of my pregnancy anxiety just by being in the office seemed to ease alot of my worries.  And made me feel like wow we are really on this road again.  Today I saw my regular OBGYN Dr. Novak and she was wonderful as usual and I got to bring Dustin with me to the sono which he really liked seeing the baby and heartbeat and it wiggle around in mommy's belly and had about a dozen silly questions for the doctor but she seemed to really enjoy him and didn't mind at all and asked him when we were leaving if he would be coming to the next visit =)  Really helped me feel better about it because Dustin has been very consumed with the pregnancy and really wants to know everything it seems this time around.  He is always asking me about baby and what EXACTLY baby is doing and always concerned about the baby's temp and if the baby needs to eat or drink or sleep and when it is doing all of the above.  He is extremely excited and ready for baby to come and asks often how many more days in the count down to baby birthday.  Which I think will be around December 19th for the c-section.  Today I totally freaked myself out but seemed to get over alot of the fear now and am now at you can't control mood.  This morning after our appt I took Dustin to Jim's to eat breakfast and totally forgot I was pregnant and ate 2 sunny side up eggs not thinking in my head that they are not recommended for pregnancy.  Hopefully nothing happens and baby is safe and sound.  Totally will be WAY more careful not sure where my head was at that time. 

BABY timeline so far for June
-High risk appt June 7th  ( Every 2 weeks)
-OBGYN appt June 22
-waiting for date on NT scan
-Cerclage scheduled for June 28th at north central baptist

Nexium 20mg, Progesterone 200mg, lovenox 40mg, NEEVO DHA, ASA, metformin 875mg, zyrtec, folic acid 1 gram

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