Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nervous and uneasy....

Went to the OBGYN today and had a nice visit it was for pre-op and normal check-up.  I lost more weight which I normally lose alot during pregnancy I think something hormonally corrects itself in my metabolism or something because the weight just comes off.  Which is a good thing!  I got plenty to lose!  I got answers to my medication regiment over the next few days on what to do with my injections and such.  Baby was doing good moving around alot and doing a head stand on the quickie sono she did.  Then we went down to pre register and get my pre-op lab work and u/a done.  Just becoming real in a way that I am actually very pregnant and nervous about getting another epidural which are no fun.  Tolerable but still not any fun!  So surgery will be on Thursday at 1200 noon.  I don't know how this pregnant person will stay with nothing to eat or drink that long!  I definately will be asking to eat or at least drink as soon as possible!  Wish us luck and say a prayer for smooth surgery and no signs of infection and a strong holding cerclage to keep the cervix shut and keep this little baby safe and sound inside mommy.

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