Saturday, April 7, 2012

Delanie's gifts

I wanted to put these on a seperate post since I put so many of the garden on the previous post and write on each gift.  There will be more pictures tomorrow of the bench that Dave and Jayne Anne from John's work gave us.

Each week I place flowers by her urn Dustin usually likes to pick them out.  This flower arrangement was given to us from Ms. Linda from Wendy's work and a plant from Auntie Kimmy

So pretty

All the stuff my sister Jerry and the girls got us a brighton bracelet with special charms and a plaque I thought I had a better picture of but will take another tomorrow

This was recieved in the mail from my friends Amy and Becky a beautiful Azela (spelling) I love it and there are butterflies on the pot LOVE it!

Sweet note from some very special girls

Angel witha butterfly from Aunt Kimmy So perfect

Message from Aunt Wendy and the girls and Jerry

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