Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of Second Grade =)

Today was Dustin's first day of school for second grade!  He did a really good job this morning although last night he had a harder time falling asleep I am sure due to being so excited to see all his friends.  One of his old friends from last year is in his class too that he really likes so he was happy.  I am just hoping he does well this year now that we have a summer of tutoring under our belt and maturity aswell.  This morning I got up early and made pecan pancakes and got his morning meds ready and cloths and filled out all my paper work and wrote checks and got school meds ready!  Mommy and daddy ate breakfast with Dustin like we do every year and we both walked him into class like every year =)  Dustin did so well and read the instructions on the board and started about his tasks.  I was so proud,  I hope he does well today and all year for that matter.  Now just to count the moments until he comes home and try not to cry all day!  LOL

Big boy infront of the school

Cheesy boy

Turning in his meds to the nurse

Flag pole shot!

Showing his morning snack to the nurse I have no idea why LOL

My handsome 2nd grader

At his desk

Put your back pack up son =)

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  1. My kids started on August 4th and they wouldn't let me take any pictures! I am now a mom to a Senior, and Sophomore and an 8th grader. I hope Dustin has a great 2nd grade year!