Friday, August 26, 2011

Maybe more...

Coming a little later today I have so many posts I would like to get off my mind but my energy seems so low this morning emotionally and physically.  I have been thinking alot over the past few days.  I seem to think more in the car when I am on my way to and from work and I have been working the past few days.  Just some updates for now.  Dustin is doing well he had another blood drawl this week he was dxed with iron deficiancy anemia.  He is on a nasty serum he doesn't like and a iron rich diet which he loves salads and things like that so not a big deal.  My kiddo would choose salad over candy all day he is different I know!  He is doing well in school so far I am so glad we did tutoring with him this summer it really has shown a huge difference in his knowledge but also his attitude and upbeatness towards school.  His tutor has helped him really feel sure of himself and helped him know how special he is and really smart he is.  So he is just more excited and really tries and doesn't get discouraged this year.  He has a super cute teacher too so I think he has a little crush on her LOL My mother just went home she came for a visit which was nice while I had a few days off this past weekend.  I am hoping to make it for mine and Dustin's lunch date at his school today a new whataburger opened up the street and he has been begging me to try it LOL like it would be any different then all the rest of them.  I told him we would have a date at school and I would bring him lunch there.  The only way I might not be able to make it is if the time warner guy comes to late to fix our internet and phone which has been acting crazy.  Well love to all will write more later today and take some pictures =)

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