Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Today was eventful then uneventful

So I noticed some lines on Dustin's left leg the other day they look more like stretch marks to me.  They are on his upper left thigh only.  Which in the past we have had vascular issues with the veins in that leg.  Granted Dustin has had a 6 pound weight gain recently so it could be stretch marks as well but they happened so suddenly and it's not like he is chubby or over weight.  So I made a appointment to take him to the doctor's office this morning at 9:00 am she did the exam and started to check his pulses in his legs and noticed the left side was weak and harder to palate but color is good and size is the same as the other one.  So she said she would like us to have a venous doppler sono done to rule out the more nastier things.  We wanted it done quickly to have results by today so we went to the Christa's Santa Rosa hospital close but then when we arrived they informed us that we would have to come back at 1pm so we were okay and we went home for a hour or two then came back.  Well then they informed us they are "out of network" so only 50% would be covered so we would have to pay $250.00 up front.  I called insurance and if I would go to a baptist facility it would be covered 100%.  I called and scheduled it for the morning because Dustin also has a toothache and needed to see the dentist later that afternoon.  So tomorrow we will know more on that.  I have to say the service was horrible at Christa's so we will not be returning.  We went to the dentist after and Dustin's two front teeth are about to pop!  She said to let them wiggle and give tylenol for pain and they took xrays to make sure they were safe to let them come out on their own and they were.  We did recieve great service there and Children's Dental Ark and Dustin was so happy to be there and they were so informative and understanding.  We will definately stay with them for life =)  So on to tomorrow to get more answers I am so exhausted and the days are so filled as today is also my niece's birthday and tomorrow is the other love of my life my best friend Kimmy's birthday so long eventful days!  I CAN'T WAIT TO GO BACK TO WORK!  AHHHHHH

Just so weird for them to be all so suddenly and pop up so fast this is his inner left thigh

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  1. OH! wow!! I really hope nothing is wrong, but that is so scary as well! I certainly hope it turns out to be something minor! My husband has vascular issues as well.