Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lost Little Angels

This is a flyer I have made for our hospital that I am posting so I copied **and pasted it on here and added pictures for examples**

Lost Little Angels

Please take time to donate something for all the little lost angels that grow their wings to soon.  Many times what is given at the hospital is all that the family has left after the loss of their baby and all their hard work, love and dreams.  It is hard leaving the hospital with a box in your arms instead of the baby that you have hoped and yearned for so let’s try to help and make it as best as possible for them.

Things you can do to help and donate
Boxes – These are the main thing that we need.   There are white photo boxes sold different places I have found some at Target for 3.99 that are plain white boxes that you can decorate for a memorial box for these mothers to put items in and take home as a gift. They are about the size of a shoe box.   You can paint them to decorate or use wallpaper, ribbon, or other crafty ideas. You can choose a unisex type box or make a boy or girl box by color.  There  are also baby keep sake boxes sold everywhere that will work too.  I have found some at Ross Dress For Less.

  If you feel like filling the box also here is a list of things you can fill it with
  • ·         disposable camera
  • ·         small crosses or religious items such as poems or cards or little mementos
  • ·         picture frame
  • ·         jewelry for mother
  • ·         Butterfly’s are the national symbol for loss so any little items with them
  • ·         small stuffed dolls or animals that we can take pictures with the baby holding
  • ·         Any items for picture taking
You can also donate:
  • Plaster kits for feet and hands
  • Long stem white roses (fake) for the outside of the hospital doors
  • Headband with bows or flowers for the little girls and infant hats for both sexes
  • Cute socks
  • Memory books
  • Outfits and blankets

Please take the items or send to Downtown Baptist if you would like to honor Delanie Faye daughter of Holly Denton a nurse at downtown Baptist that grew her wings April 6th 2011 as well as all the angels lost to soon.  If you can’t do Downtown Baptist please take to your nearest hospital to help make this experience for any parents just a little better.
111. E Dallas Street, San Antonio, TX 78205
Care of Maria Sanchez women’s services 3B/3C (3rd floor)
Or care of me Holly Denton

Box made for me for Delanie

All the momentos

Her hands

Forever able to touch her hands

Other boxes I bought that are marked keep sake boxes that work well

These were bought at ross dress for less

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  1. I absolutely love this idea!! I will be looking around here on my end and start donating to WA Women's Pavillion. I used to work there and would be a nice excuse to stop by and see the staff. :)

    You truly are amazing Holly!