Friday, September 16, 2011

How are you doing? How's your day?

These questions now make me insanely giggle in my head.  When you have grief these are the worst questions to ask for some reason and you don't know it unless you have been thru it.  I have asked the questions myself to people suffering a loss and grief and never thought how bad they may sting because they are just words and you don't think of the meaning of those few words.  Many grief parent's agree on my boards and friends I talk to that these phrases sometimes hurt the most.  Couldn't give you a long list of reason's why.  Maybe because Do you really want to know?   Would you really want me to unload every exact feeling on you?  Do you have time for all that?  Do you have the strength to even hear my worries or the craziness that goes thru my head?   The answer is no on the most part.  People ask you this and I smile innocently because that is what they are innocent in asking and they are unknowing to the world of grief.  Which I am happy for.  I wish no one knew this world.  You feel like you are walking on a different planet sometimes. 

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