Saturday, September 3, 2011


So true in life all the cliche sayings " only the strong survive "  Why does it always seem to be a uphill battle.  I feel like I am carring weight on me at all times and having to put on shows all the time.  There are yes times when I feel well but then times when I am not well at all.  I make sure to put on a good show cause I would never want to make anyone aware.  Just know you never know what that person is going thru in life.  I look at people all around me.  I look at young girls walking and wondering what they have experianced in life.  I drive my car upset about my day some guy cuts me off does he know I feel like my world is crumbling?  Point being made is you just never know what that person is going thru.  You in your busy life you think about yourself and what your world revolves.  Of course its your life that is why.  No one can really blame but shouldn't we have the heart to pause and think of others?  Just thoughts in my battered head.  I know there is good in this world I have seen it first hand.  It just seems like everything is a battle.  Shouldn't everyone just do the right thing and be a good person?  I just wish some people could see the world in my eyes.  I am so tired and so exhausted this life has turned into something else just feeling as though you are always emotionally and physically exhausted and spent.  Something little can seem to break you brick wall because it's so freshly rebuilt.  I usually can take hits from people I am tough I have a wall built and if you dish it I can dish it right back but I have no strength for that anymore and sometimes I just seem to crumble now when before I would rev back and fight back.  Some little things bother me and make me lose sleep when I know they shouldn't matter.  Life is stressful and I know changes need to be made just so exhuasted I can't think of which ones and which directions to go.  So again I pray to god please lead me to the right paths I need to be on.  Please watch over my family and keep us safe from harm and protect our tender hearts.  Today I will be calm and be thankful for my loving husband and my sweet son and think of my sweet daughter as well.  Thankful.

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