Sunday, July 17, 2011

Another assignment

I realize in life as we know we aren't given tomorrow all the time that we need to treasure today.  I always don't want to drag out the camera and take pictures then download them it sometimes can be a pain.  But what if I don't take them and I need them at a later time.  I already feel like Dustin is growing way to fast and I always say in my head I will never forget him this small or how he feels at this or that time.  But in truth our memories fade and pictures help bring them back to color.  I don't take as many as I use to.  For those of you who knew me back in the day I use to take about 30-50 pictures a day of Dustin just because I treasured him so much and I thought he was the world's most precious item and anything he did was front page news worthy.  This is harsh but why is it I no longer feel that way?  Am I starting to take him for granted because he is so healthy?  It could be because I am so comfortable as well.  But I need to capture these moments so for that I am going to start taking many more pictures on my days off and not just on my phone like I often do for facebook.  I need to start taking more and printing them out and putting them around the house and filling my house with love and what I family.  So take some pictures of your heart aka family and savor the moments today but tuck away little reminders for the years to come in photos.  You know that one special picture some of you may have of your childhood of maybe you with your parents or brother or sister?  What if we miss that photo for our kids today?  Or even a special pet furbaby that you might not have 5 years from now but when you see that picture it makes your heart flood with love?  Love today because tomorrow is not always given xoxo


  1. You are so wise Holly! I do need to get my act together and start taking more photos. :) I always wonder like you, if I am taking enough. ;)

  2. So true... I have tons of pics of Tanner and then not so much with Sydney. :(
    I'm guilty of camera phone pics and I too need to be better at getting my camera out and jut snapping away. Thanks for the reminder.