Sunday, July 3, 2011

New life..saved life

So we rescued a small little siamese from death row =)  It felt good to give life to something and be able to but looking back on all the faces I could not save hurt badly.  Our attention after leaving quickly turned to the personality and beauty of our new addition and the wonders she would bring to the family and how our 11 month old kitty would like her.  It turned out well and she has made her self right at home and is extremely loveable and smart =)  Our other cat Lulu isn't fond of her really but I am sure with time they will be buddies and playmates.  I think it will help keep me even more busy and keep my mind going as Delanie's 3 month mark is rounding the corner.  The constant wonder is always there the hurt is always there.  I wonder at each month what she would be like and what her little faces would be.  It's hard to watch Dustin sleeping because he looks alot like her dreaming there peacefully.  Still haven't touched her room but I know it will happen shortly.  I keep thinking someone will want to see it and I need to wait for them to view it just not sure who that is besides Delanie and Dustin's brother or sister.  I have to work tomorrow it has been going well.  We have been extremely busy.  So many babies coming into this world.  We have had several fetal demises in the past few weeks as well.  I am trying to change many things at work to better serve any mother who has to leave the hospital with a broken heart and empty arms.  I swear I will change it for the better just gaining energy and ideas and supplies.  When I get it done I will be asking for help on certain things so stay posted if you would be interested!  I have a flyer almost completed just need someone else to proof it for me and add pictures =)  See what the next few months holds for us <3 

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