Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hard path

I have a co-worker at work that I am thinking of today.  His grief is different then mine, he lost his father.  He recently came back to work and I look at him and know the silent suffering he is feeling.  I know the mixed feelings of despair, sadness,sorrow and akwardness.  I know the path he is taking it is the same path even though people are put on it for different reasons.  I know the hard path he is about to take and I wish I could warn him about the twists and turns and the rollercoaster of emotions that he will go thru.  I wish I could tell him that the path has a end but it doesn't it just gets brighter and easier to walk thru as you go.  It starts off dark and hard but gets easier to travel with time but nonetheless you are always traveling on it.  I know right now he is getting reborn in away. When you experaince grief like that you are reborn to a new world in ways like you have never imagined sometimes for the better sometimes for the worse it really depends on you and your outlook and your support system is very crucial.  I know the stages and they are all to true course I don't believe the order of things because to me it bounces you around to each stage at random times.  You never know waking up from one day to the next exactly how you will be that day or time.  I wish I could give him a energy boost because I know its going to be so exhausting and it will beat him hard but you just can't let it win and take over.  Grief is like cancer you can lay down and let it consume you and take you over or you can stand up and fight it and try to win back your life.  It's a battle no one can take on by themselves as you need people to cheer you on and lift you up.  I know how blessed I am on how many people reached out and stood by my side.  Some people I have never even met before or maybe haven't spoken to since high school days have stood up and helped me fight and helped me thru the "make your bed days".  I can only pray for everyone who walks this path of grief a powerful support system like that.  The weeks after Delanie died I had so many people contact me some I have never met that touched me.  I can only pray for that for him or anyone else suffering deeply that people stand by them in their time of need even if they don't know what they need at that exact time just to be there if they do means so much.  Even just a whisper of a prayer helps even though we don't know it at the time your whispering it, we feel and need it.

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  1. Prayers and hugs go out to him and his family.Offer a shoulder to lean on and just be there for him I think he would appreciate that more than anything.