Saturday, July 23, 2011


So still on this path of discovering what this new world of mine is about.  I feel as though I am in a different country at times exploring new depths of the earth.  But I am still at home still in the same place and time but a different person now.   I have discovered change feels good in some ways.  I was going to trade in the car that excited me but now I think we might keep it a few more years as we just can't decide on what to get right now.  Change...I chopped all my hair off...yep you read right.  LOL I chopped it off to my shoulders I was in one of my angry type of moods and just wanted it gone and off.  Luckily I had a wonderful hair stylist I met that was SO good to me and made me forget all about my mood when I was there.  Kimmy helped and watched Dustin for me so I could get my hair done and that was nice no rush or anything.  I had wanted to get my hair done before but never wanted to make Dustin wait for me.  Constantly striving for change.  I don't know why but each thing helps and makes me feel better.  We layed sod on the yard today only got about half of it done but it felt good.  Yard is looking better and it really makes me feel better and happier.  We had a great family day playing in the yard and just being with eachother.  John's parents came for lunch and we went to the nursery and they bought us a beautiful Zinna plant for the garden =)  I am inlove with it. 

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  1. I can completely understand where you are coming from. When you have a change that is so devastating, you start to look for changes that will make you feel good and in a good way, if only for a day or two to help take your mind off the one that shook your world. And also doing the yard work, you will have a long term good feeling about that. Every time you see it, you will admire your hard work, you will think of the fun time you had while laying down the new sod. This is so therapeutic for you!

    And a new plant to boot! That is always a pick me up right there! ;)