Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Trying to procrastinate and put off doing what I need to do in Delanie's room but I know sometime I have to do it.  I need to put cloths away and white items and put sheets over the furniture.  I keep making excuses on why I can't or shouldn't do it but I will regret it later if I don't and something happens to the items.  Time is still in that room and when I go in there I can imagine it just as that....still.  I know the putting away the room will move forward.  I always think of it as putting the dream to sleep just for awhile.  Then it will feel so good to remove the sheets and wash the clothes and put them in the little drawers and play in that room once again.  I think today won't be that day though.  Just doesn't feel just right.  Might do a little but not to much.  I just want to linger a little longer and enjoy the still of the room.  I have been cleaning all day just staying busy.  Might have some friends come over in a little while and see if they want to have lunch.  Keep everything busy.  So much stressful times are going on.  Sometimes I hate being a "grown up".  I finally talked to the HR lady at work yesterday after weeks of her not returning my phone calls.  I will have to pay back about 2200 dollars of my benefits money that was not being taken out of my paychecks when I was off work for Delanie's pregnancy.  I want to get it paid off as soon as possible cause like the other bills of her birth it is a hurtful reminder.  I have to pay the price and not get the reward which just  No other way to really express it.  But nonetheless John and I always make it thru anything.  No matter what is thrown at us we will hold on tight and get thru it we always do.  Stressful times come and go there is always someone else that is worse off.  Count your small blessings to get thru the day and face the sun and make your bed and be thankful god gave you air to breath today. 


  1. Amen Holly. Praying for you still!

  2. Good attitude. I felt a sense of relief one I had packed up some of my daughter's things, hope you can find some peace in that process as well.