Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fathers day

Tired and worn from work today and just working around the house too.  Body is sore and sleep is so needed for my weary mind.  I know tomorrow is father's day I don't think it is bothering John to much I hope he just focuses on Dustin and his father and mine.  I hope that tomorrow runs smoothly and everyone has a good and blessed day.  I am praying he has a good day because he so deserves it.  I couldn't ever think of a more wonderful father and and I feel blessed that I made him one.  Who would have ever thought crazy John (in his younger days) would be the wonderful man he is today.  He is a wonderful father to both our children.  I still picture his face smiling with Delanie in his arms rocking her gently back and forth with ease.  He was so comfortable with her like she was just part of him.  Which I know she is.  But just the sheer comfort in his face and body language.  Then I picture him holding his sweet son and I remember him changing and bathing this tiny little 1 pound baby with some fear but love in his face.  I am always searching his face for all his emotions in all the events in our lives.  I always seem to remember it like small photos stuck forever in my brain and heart.  One huge blessing to remember tonight is I have a wonderful healthy husband who loves me and our children dearly and would do anything for us.  I know not everyone has a husband like mine or maybe no husband at all or lover or partner in life.  For that I am greatful and I know I am blessed and I wish that blessing for everyone in life.  That they have someone to walk thru life with.  Someone they deserve and will make them happy.  That is my wish tonight and John is my thankful blessing of the night =)  There is so much to blog about that is going on and I will further update at a later time on some exciting things going on in this house =)

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  1. Time heals all wounds babe! :) though not completely, I'm sure it gets easier.

    Happy Fathers Day to John. I'm sure it was rough for him but I'm sure his day was fabulous!!

    I can't wait to hear your exciting news.