Monday, June 13, 2011

Poor Baby

Sometimes I never post things that go on throughout the day that bother me or just maybe noted in my brain.  Today Dustin and I were cuddling in bed because I have just been so tired all day.  Dustin looked at me and said mom when am I going to not be lonely anymore....(heart silently breaking) I said Dustin what do you mean mommy and daddy are here.  ( I knew what he meant) He said its not fair that he just has cousins and no brother or sisters.  I told him how sorry I was and that mommy and daddy were trying but children born to us are special and hard to get.  I told him I am sorry Delanie had a accident and if she hadn't then he would have had one live sister.  I apologized over and over and told him how sorry we were and that mommy and daddy were not going to give up and we loved him and just sweet babies just like him were very hard to find and come by and god had to approve his birth because he was so special.  He smiled and we talked a bit more and then I got him interested in video games.  Times like that are hard but I know they are needed.  I will never turn down a question or concern of his and always want him to know that it's okay to talk to us about anything.  Either it being his sister or other subjects later in life.  I just love him so much and wish I could give him what he really wants and I know needs.  Poor kiddo xoxo  Will take him to the park and out and about tomorrow that will prolly help his mind.  Though tonight he seems fine and asked to help water the yard later.  =) 

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