Monday, June 20, 2011

My baby's room

Spent some time in her room this evening took some pictures of her room.  It's really peaceful in there and I find myself there often.  I will start packing some items in the pink rubbermaid tub up in time.  Just to keep them clean.  Put sheets over the furniture.  I feel like I am putting the room to sleep for a while.  Like I am tucking it in for bed.  

Her sweet room

All Her stuff pretty much stored in the closet now

Dustin's big brother book we bought him

Her Diapers I had put out a couple days before

Sign in sheet from the shower I left it up

Empty crib now but not forever



  1. Her room is so beautiful. I know she loves it even though she doesn't get to use it. I'm so glad you go in there often! :) it makes my heart happy to hear this.

    And yourright, that crib may be empty, but not forever.

  2. I agree with Dawn...beautiful room and I am sure Delanie see's her room and wishes she could be in it..
    before you know it that room and crib will be filled with a gorgeous baby...