Wednesday, May 4, 2011

4 weeks

My little angel has had her wings for 4 long weeks now.  Sometimes it feels like it has been longer sometimes it feels shorter.  I miss her dearly no matter what and think of her constantly and always.  I always want to do something for her not knowing all that I will be able to do yet and exactly what.  As some of you followers know tomorrow was going to be our BIG results appointment with the specialist to get the results of mine and Delanie' s blood work and her placenta and cord results but we have changed the date because John is going out of town this weekend for a fishing tournament and it would be hard on him to leave and also hard on me to be alone after we go to the appointment so we switched the date to the week when he is on vacation so that he can be with me and I can be with him and we will have time to help each other thru whatever we may face.  Still not sure about how I will feel about the results not sure if I want a answer or if I don't?  Very odd feelings there.  The appointment will now be on the 16th.  My pictures from the hospital are also ready the unit coordinator who handles everything called me yesterday and sadly they only received two pictures back.  I don't remember the nurse taking a whole lot of them but we were taking alot with our own camera too.  No matter what we will be thankful for the kind care we received and all of our after birth wishes were granted and done completely.  We are happy for those two pictures they are two more that we wouldn't have had and I hope they just came out very well.  Please lord just let them be pretty let them show what we saw in person because these camera's can be evil.  Our camera is a high quality camera but some of the shots she came out dark in color and she wasn't that way in person she had beautiful skin but the camera can be evil like I said.  Hopefully and praying that it will be okay.  Fingers crossed. 

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