Tuesday, May 17, 2011

postpartum check up

John came with me which I was happy about.  We came early to hopefully get out early but that did not happen.  We were the first people there and everyone got seen before us because my doctor was running late.  Was hard to sit in the waiting room because I forgot this would have been one of my normal appt dates and the same group of pregnant women were all there.  Everyone with their big bellies and glowing and me alone in the corner hugging my husband. Nothing much to really report from there either as far as results she briefly checked me and asked us some questions and encouraged us on TTC again after a 6 month break to allow my body to heal from the c-section.  She also had no answers on what happened with Delanie only that she really thought and felt in her heart that it would not happen again.  We left there and I really was thinking hard.  That was the last of anything to do with Delanie doctor wise.  I thought I would be sadder like a book almost starting to close.  The last step would be returning to work in a way.  A weird thinking in my head.  I always have these little check marks going and checking things off one by one in my head and I am running out of check marks.  Weird I know....I am really tired today and just really wanting to rest.  I love having John with me and we are trying to get alot done.  Hopefully later this week we will have everything together to start on some of Delanie's gardens and tree.  xoxoxo


  1. Im sorry your list is coming to an end, but at the same time it shows your healing. I'm glad to hear that everything in your body looks ok to TTC again. One day you will hold a sweet baby again!!

    Stay strong Mama!! Your doing great!!

  2. I agree with Dawn! You are healing and that is a great thing. You will have set backs but more and more I see you gradually moving forward. I think of you daily and pray for you. Only you know when the time will be right to TTC. Take your time, heal completely, and just get used to living again. I love you bunches!! <3