Monday, May 2, 2011

I want a girl...

Course I want my girl...I drive around with John and Dustin we had to do alot this weekend well he didn't have to but we didn't want to seem to be at home at all this weekend.  We wanted to just keep going. We drive by cute kid's clothing stores and all I can think is my daughter would be getting that dress and those hairbow's cause yes she had hair how perfect she was.  Never thought I would get a daughter with alot of hair.  All I can think is how badly I want to dress a girl and beg my husband for just one more pair of shoes for her and have him smile at me and say yes.  I want to see his hand holding her's I want to see her look up at him like he is superman.  I wonder if I will ever get the chance to see these things again.  I would be happy if we were to be blessed with a boy as well but there was just something about having a daughter something new and so much wanted.  Everything is ready for a girl her room and everything is perfect and loaded with cloths.  Speaking of one of our purchases this weekend was 4 pink rubbermaid tubs to pack up my sweet Delanie's cloths and bedding set.  I still have not gone in the room but will soon as there is paperwork in there that I need to I will be forced to go in there soon anyways.  I also bought a book for Dustin this weekend from should be in this week its a grief book for children.  As he still talks about his sister everyday I am hoping it might help or at least he will enjoy it. We shall see <3

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