Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Had to make my bed so that I don't climb back in it.  I hate wasting precious time anymore so after I wake up I regret the nap even though I may love it while I am slumbering. I just don't want life to pass me by anymore and I have so much to get done today heck in life not just today!  I really need to work in the yard this morning but also in the house it has fallen behind because we have been working in the yard so much.  I know I will have to get the carpets cleaned for sure after we are done with everything!!  Yesterday I had to take Dustin to pulmonologist (lung doctor) because of his attack on Friday and it was his normal scheduled appt time as well.  We went up on several of his medications because his asthma is not controlled.  Well he still isn't classified as asthma they still classify him with Chronic Lung Disease really.  Which if you think about it describes it all but whatever floats their boat.  We are now on two more lung medications.  He did do GREAT on his growth chart he is just blooming like a weed!  56 pounds and 47 inches tall at 8 years old.  He totally fits in his class and he is not even the smallest child in his grade like he use to be always!  It's nice!  Course I am buying cloths for him like crazy!  None of his old summer cloths are fitting so we will have to purchase a few more things soon over time.   So happy with his progress now hopefully we get his lungs under control so that maybe one day he can play sports =)  He can't right now because he can't keep up and he gets upset and fustrated then mad and that is usually accompanied with him turning blue and white around his mouth because he can't breath.  So we are gonna wait and keep working to get him there someday.  Life of a micropreemie lol  Hope everyone enjoyed the pictures there will be more coming as we get things done =)

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