Tuesday, May 24, 2011


More pictures of the garden today this time with a big addition done Delanie's tree planted!  YAY we are glad its planted and so far so good.  I got Delanie's flowers the other day they are not planted yet because they are seeds.  Her birth month flowers are sweet peas and daisies so we are planting them as seeds first frost then they will bloom by her birthday =)  Nice birthday gift for us =)

Her seeds that will be planted in the fall =)

Her new tree

Her butterfly angel statue from my dad and step mother

All the leaves I raked up!!  My arms hurt!

I love him so much can't stop taking pictures of him =)

This is a cool little balloon flower

Her tree


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  2. Coming along so nicely. The tree is going to be so gorgeous when it blooms. Such a special family...hugs. <3<3 so glad you guys have each other.

  3. Holly, I must say your house looks HUGE!! so pretty.

    You've done a great job on that garden. Love the statue!! Keep up the good work mama!