Monday, May 16, 2011


I know many of you are wanting to know about results.  I wish I had some to give you.  We met with Dr. McFarland and she had none to offer.  Everything came back good and she even reviewed all old sonogram footage and couldn't find one thing that might have been the case.  There was no reason and we just have to live life with that and I know sometimes it just happens from working in the same field but it's hard to swallow when it is yourself.  We have a wonderful plan of action that was well thought out for the future.  We love Dr. McFarland and know she truly cares for us and wants to help us in any way possible.  There was a slight infection noted on my placenta but not enough to cause any trouble or even a elevated white count or fever.  More then likely that was only noted because of her death even though it was only a very short time she was passed away.  We are thinking many theories about her death more then likely it would have to be something sudden because the Friday before she had scored a 8/8 on her BPP which is a health score given via sonogram.  Blood flow was also checked and everything was fine.  We know she had a two vessel cord so if one vein clotted or failed she would not have had a backup like most babies.  There is the possibility of a fetal stroke or cord accident since it was sudden.  There was meconium present which medical people know when mec (a babies stool) is present there was fetal stress.  She moved at 9pm that night and was sonogramed that morning with no heartbeat.  She had only passed away a matter of hours.  Just hours changed my life,  how precious life is such a short time made such a big difference.  I am thankful John is with me this week as if I was still pregnant we would be preparing for our scheduled c-section on Thursday.  So sad to think about it at least I won't spend it alone.  Going to try to stay as busy as possible this week.  Love to all please keep us in your thoughts and prayers we appreciate it greatly as we heal.  More later......tomorrow is my 6 week postpartum check up I really am not looking forward to going back...

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  1. Holly, I am so sorry you have no answers but take comfort in knowing that God has special plans for her and needed her for a bigger plan of action.

    You are never ever away from my mind. You are always in my heart.