Saturday, May 28, 2011


Today was my niece's graduation party we were so happy for her and so very proud.  I love my niece's very much more then they will ever know.  A lot of my life has been just for them and I tease them they better repay me with a good old folks home later in life.  I spent the morning doing chores and spending time with Dustin. Then my dad and Judy came to drop off a much wanted gift, Delanie's hope chest!  My father made it for us and it is so wonderful.  It is so beautiful more then I could have ever imagined it!  Now I have a special place to put Delanie's special things but keep them close to me as well =)  I took pictures to show everyone =)

So pretty!  Now I can put her special things in here like her blankets and memory box, ect.

Cedar lined thank you daddy!


  1. Beautiful, Holly! I absolutely love it. Your dad did a great job.

  2. I don't know what that big long number up there is...but I love Delanie's hope chest! Your dad did an amazing job! Gail

  3. It's very beautiful...what an awesome gift from your dad...yay!

    that is BEAUTIFUL!

  5. Oh Holly that is beautiful. A very special thing to hold all her personal mementos.

    If I lived near you I'd be enlisting your daddy to make me 2 for my girls. Amazing job!!